Shifting is Giving For Nonprofits
Shift My Gift enables anyone, anywhere, to celebrate any event in their lives by diverting gifts which would have been given to them, to any charities and nonprofits they care about. Through our partnership with Guidestar's database of 1.2 million nonprofits, most nonprofits registered in the US are available to select as gifts. Shift My Gift is essentially a gift registry where nonprofits and other causes are the beneficiaries.
1. Sign up.
It's simple. Just sign up and customize the event you are celebrating by shifting your gifts.
2. Select a nonprofit.
Then simply select which nonprofit organizations will be the recipients of your shifts. You may select from our featured nonprofits, or search the Guidestar database of over 1.2 million nonprofits to find your favorites. Select as many as you like, and you can also choose to allow your friends and family to identify their own favorite nonprofit.
3. Invite friends and family.
Then invite friends and family through email, facebook or twitter. They make a gift choice based on the options you have given them or, if you have enabled it, they may find one of their own nonprofits to which to make a gift. SMG charges each gifter a low fixed fee of $__SMG_CHARGE to help cover the cost of our operations, which is easily offset by the tax deduction and savings in gas, wrapping paper, postage, etc.
4. Congratulations!
You have turned your occasion into an opportunity for giving, your friends and family get a tax deduction, and the planet wins by eliminating gas, wrapping paper, and packaging!